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Frank Candiloro is a comic writer, artist and self-publisher from Melbourne.

Initially an animator and video editor, Candiloro created xyr first comic story, Millennial Monsters in 2009, published in the pages of Yuck #2 by Milk Shadow Books. Xe followed this with The Adventures of White Wolf, a weekly webcomic which ran from 2009-2011 and was the winner of Best New Project in Victoria at the 2010 Express Media Awards.

In October 2010, Candiloro published xyr first book, a 10 page, full colour story called Rabid Rabbits Raid The Earth, under the self-publishing label of FrankenComics. Xe has been publishing books under that label ever since.

In 2016, after the creation of xyr minicomic Medicine Cabinet, Candiloro went on a year-long hiatus from creating comics, citing "burnout" and feeling dissatisifed with comics in general. Xe attempted to make one final comic, You Know I'm No Good, based on xyr experiences in New York City but was ultimately never finished. Despite this, xe has still kept busy with illustration as well as a career in music with the alias "DJ Frankenstylin".

In 2017, Candiloro announced xyr return to comics and horror with the 60 page graphic novel Prince Transylforia, scheduled for release in late 2017.

Xe has also been nominated for several Ledger Awards for xyr comics Onna-bugeisha, Pistoleras, 9779 and Medicine Cabinet, and won the Bronze Ledger Award for Insert Coin in 2015. Xe has also contributed illustration work for publications such as Concrete Queers, Oi Oi Oi, the Melbourne Comic Collective, Cordite Poetry Review, Screen Magazine, the Minicomics Monthy Comic Club and the Australian Comics Journal.

As of this date, xe has created and brought out 26 books. These stories typically involve horror and sci-fi, influenced by German Expressionism, classic pop culture and 1920s cinema. 

Published comic workEdit


  • Millennial Monsters #1 and 2 - Published in Yuck #2 and #3 by Milk Shadow Books

2010 Edit

  • Millennial Monsters #3 - Published in Yuck #4 by Milk Shadow Books
  • Rabid Rabbits Raid The Earth - 10 pages, full colour
  • Millennial Monsters Vol. 1 - Collects issues #1-3, 20 pages, black and white


  • Millennial Monsters #4 - Published in Yuck #5 by Milk Shadow Books
  • Lil' Vargg - Published in Yuck #6 by Milk Shadow Books
  • The Adventures of White Wolf - Collects all the webcomic strips from 2009-2011, 44 pages, black and white
  • The Testament of Doktor Zeitpunkt - Part I - 30 pages, black and white
  • 2wo - 20 pages, black and white
  • The Testament of Doktor Zeitpunkt - Part II - 40 pages, black and white
  • The Widowmaker - 25 pages, black and white


  • Blood Across Broadway - 70 pages, black and white
  • Thicker Than Water - 40 pages, black and white
  • Behind The Crooked Cross - 55 pages, black and white
  • Viddy Well, Brother - 30 pages, black and white


  • Putting The Pussy On A Pedestal - written by Ben John Smith, published in Yuck #7 by Milk Shadow Books
  • Unicorn Death Trap - written by James Andre, published in Yuck #7 by Milk Shadow Books
  • Budd & Luu - Part I - 40 pages, black and white
  • Beyond The Moon - 50 pages, black and white with colour
  • Budd & Luu - Part II - 50 pages, black and white
  • Mail-Order Mutant - 40 pages, black and white
  • Where Are The Dark Woods? - adaptation of poem written by Alison Croggon, published in Cordite Poetry Review 43.1: Pumpkin by Kent McCarter


  • Onna-bugeisha - 100 pages, black and white.
  • Monster Zero - 25 pages, full colour
  • Mary - 8 pages, black and white.
  • Pistoleras - 42 pages, black and white

2015 Edit

  • 9779 - 12 pages, full colour
  • Insert Coin - 20 pages, full colour
  • Nonna - 20 pages, black and white
  • Black - 10 pages, black and white with colour.
  • We Came To Kill - 60 pages, black and white.

2016 Edit

  • A. - 20 pages, black and white with colour.
  • Medicine Cabinet - 20 pages, full colour.

2017 Edit

  • Prince Transylforia (work in progress).

External linksEdit

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