A perzine by Anthony Woodward distributed for free in cafes in Ballarat, Australia. Each issue was a folded A4 pages containing 7 pages of sketchbook material. The zine was started after Anthony was given a holiday project at Art school to draw in his sketchbook every day over the break. After returning from the break and successfully drawing everyday Anthony wanted to publish the material some how. There was already another artist at the University who was creating photocopied posters and pasting them around the campus so Anthony was inspired to do something similar. He came up with the idea to photocopy and reduce the A4 pages from his sketchbook to an A6 sized zine. Initially he had access to free photocopying so the zine was printed in edition of approximately 120 copies and distributed for free around the university campus and local cafes. Around six months later the free photocopying that the university offered was cut off and the zine came out more sporadically. This in turn led Anthony to discontinue the format of 7 pages and focus on A6 booklets that he could sell in comic and zine stores. Anthony later revised the name 7 Pages for his zine booklets, although this time under the name 7 Pages Digest, as the book now contained more than 7 pages of sketchbooks material and comics.